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Ad Aware Descargar Latest Version

Ad Aware Descargar Latest Version Is Our Best Antivirus Ever. It Protects You Against Viruses, Malware, Spyware, Phishing, Online Scams, And Hackers. Start By Downloading

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Ad Aware Descargar Latest Version
Ad Aware Descargar Latest Version

Ad Aware Descargar Download for Windows 11.10.8 and 7 (32 bit and 64 bit) Latest VersionAdaware Antivirus offers uninterrupted defense against malware threats whose distribution methods are increasingly varied as technology evolves. Adaware Antivirus Free is a free antivirus application for Windows PCs that will protect you from viruses and spyware. Besides real-time protection, there’s also an on-access scan feature, which scans automatically when folders are accessed and an on-demand scan that allows users to create the scanning time. If you need a stable free antivirus, this application can be perfect for every need for you.

Adaware Antivirus Free and Adaware Antivirus Pro. From the free version, all premium features are marked. This is because the application produced by Lavasoft is not just furnished with an antivirus engine, but more anti-spyware. Unlike so with several other antiviruses that won’t mark their premium features, which are users feel trapped regularly because they’re greeted with messages to opt for the Pro version anytime selecting to just access these features. Using this application you can be protected from trojan attacks, rootkits, bots, viruses, and other malicious programs that threaten your privacy data.

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The High option to find the maximum scanning speed but requires the most resources, the Medium substitute for reducing resource usage slightly, additionally, the Low substitute for minimizing resource consumption by lowering the scanning speed to the small sum possible. Besides, Adaware Antivirus Free could also block unsafe downloads. , detects email-launched threats, safeguards passwords and monitors your network.

Is Adaware Good? Our Short Review

Formerly known as Lavasoft, this team of internet security experts have been in business for 2 decades now. They were only available in 1999, and Adaware is the hottest and most advanced piece of software to date. One of the most significant selling points – it can be obtained as a free and paid product. In addition, potential clients will immediately be pleased with the affordable pricing policy and 2 commercial plans.

However, the biggest question is – can Adaware survive compared to industry leaders like Kaspersky and Bitdefender. Is there anything needed to compete with the most effective offerings on the market, or can it be just another average antivirus solution? Company officials claim that it simply has the same body-protecting qualities as world-renowned antivirus suites. Unfortunately, in real-world testing, most failed and were unable to meet Microsoft Defender.

In this review, we’ll review the pricing plans at length, and cover customer service, platforms, system compatibility, impact, and, of course, extensive testing. You’ll find information about free editions, free trials, money back guarantees, and more. We’ll compare third-party lab testing with our test results to observe how Aware Ads performs in real life.

We will also cover each pros and cons so you can have a better understanding of what Adaware is all about. It averages best against malware, doesn’t support any Mac or mobile platforms, and the free version is very limited. This antivirus also offers some strong sides that can make sure everything is worth it for you. So, let’s find out what it’s all about.


  • Can be utilized along with other antivirus products
  • It includes a friendly, easy-to-use interface
  • Low impact system, works together with old computers (, not systems)
  • Fast, easy to setup scan


  • Not impressive lab test results
  • Feature a limited pair of configuration options
  • Not appropriate for macOS or cellular devices
  • The free version is just a bit limited
  • 24/7 Customer Support readily available for paying customers only

FAQs about Adaware We Must Answer

  • Is Ad-Aware Antivirus safe?
    As an antivirus product that’s been under development for several years, Adaware can protect your Windows-running computer from external threats. However, compared to some of its popular rivals, such as Kaspersky and Bitdefender, it’s not nearly as impressive. This claim relates to the free and paid editions.
  • Is Ad-Aware good?
    It depends on what the phrase “good” way to you: if it’s flexible pricing, friendly return policies, and a low-impact system, then the clear answer is yes. On another hand, if you should be looking to discover the best antivirus software, then you are better off with an alternative product. We’re not saying that Adaware is valuable – not it. However, objectively, it’s never as strong in laboratory tests as we’d want it to be. And for antivirus, protection should often be your #1 concern.
  • Ad-Adware virus?
    No, as stated in the beginning, Lavasoft has been around the marketplace for many years, and they simply develop legit antivirus solutions. If you run it alongside various anti-malware programs, it would flag Adaware as malware, but it’s nothing to worry about. To be 100% sure, head to the company’s official website and check the set of available tools (or see Additional Features).
  • What’s an Ad-Aware web companion?
    This is just a free, internet security suite that automatically installs with Ad-Aware. So, be sure to uncheck these if you don’t wish to have them on your computer. With Web Companion, you obtain Ad-blocking, email breach protection, and URL blocking. As time goes by, the developer also plans to include a VPN for encryption traffic.

It’s important to say that Adaware Ad Block (a tool that blocks ads) may be available as a separate download from the Lavasoft website. It’s just a Chrome extension and can be installed in two clicks. And, like Ad-Aware, Web Companion does not conflict with other antivirus programs and may work in conjunction with applications that have been installed by the merchandise.

Adaware  Antivirus  Prices and Plans

Let’s have a quick consider the available Ad-Aware packages. With this specific antivirus, you have an option involving the free edition and the 2 paid options. Here they’re:

Plan1 device5 devices
Free Antivirus$0n/a
Antivirus Pro$29.99$39.98
Antivirus Total$39.99$49.98

You will get Ad-Aware Pro for 1 PC for 30 bucks. Specifically, users have to pay another $10 to actually have a total of 5 devices in each plan. Go to the state site and carefully check all the available options to find the one that suits you best. We recommend opting for the 5-PC offering as statistically, this is the most reasonable and commonly used plan.

And now it’s time to take a peek at Pro and Total and see what each plan has to offer:

Adaware Pro. With an entry-level paid plan, you receive unlimited technical support, web and email protection, plus a robust firewall. Add an extension that protects against keyloggers, and you’re in for a bargain. This is probably the most well-balanced Ad-Aware package and is likely the most suitable for casual user computers running Windows 7 and up.

Adaware number. The greatest level is set with each tool from Pro and added three new features. That includes a record shredder, electronic lock, and parental controls. It’s 30% higher priced, and, in our opinion, until you need those extra features, Total isn’t worth paying the hefty price tag for.

Adaware Free Version

If you’re searching for entry-level protection, Adaware Free Antivirus might be considered a good pick. It may be downloaded from the state website and installed within just two minutes (learn more about this in “How To Install”). It’s user-friendly and doesn’t need you to remove the present antivirus application. However, it’s limited, and all the features are merely available with Pro and Total.

We’ll discuss it in increased detail in cons. Now, it’s safe to express that alone, Adaware free is too underpowered to rely on it for security. As an additional opinion, an additional scanner works well with primary antivirus solutions, it’s ok. But, again, you won’t be 100% safe just by using this software.

Ad-Aware Trial Version and Money Back Guarantee

The sole Lavasoft product that provides a trial offer is Ad-Aware Pro (Security Professional). Here is the entry-level paid edition, and users can make the most of a 100% trial offer for 15 days. In comparison to Ad-Aware Free, it does not have any limits, therefore you will access each feature, but just for a quick time. To have it, you’ll need to click the “Try Free” button alongside the “Buy Antivirus Pro” option.

Plus, the business provides a 30-day money-back guarantee for both Pro and Total. The Money Back Guarantee means you will get a complete refund within 30 days. With Adaware, there’s no cross-border traffic – you should use it to its fullest and never be worried about breaking the terms of a reimbursement policy. To acquire a refund, you need to submit a solution, and support will contact one to resolve the issue.

The same holds for canceling a current subscription: tell support about this and let them handle the rest. Inside our tests, both refunds and cancellations of tickets were answered promptly – there have been zero difficulties with anything. Sometimes, an individual can take action by himself/herself by logging in to the account manually or canceling the subscription. But that option is unavailable with Aware Ads but, besides that, it’s always easier to let officials handle that.

Adaware Coupons and Discounts

Before we share a listing of respected websites where you could get discounts and coupons, it’s very important to warn our readers. That is it – you can find quite a several fraudulent websites on the Internet, and they’re known to offer scams as opposed to real discounts. Therefore, always ensure that you trust them before buying anything. Now, you will get legit promo codes at,, and, just to mention a few.

Regardless, we suggest buying your subscription plans directly from; that automatically eliminates the possibility to be scammed. Plus, in our experience, no 3rd party ever provides better deals compared to the company developer. Typically, coupon/discount websites pick the very best deals from the state website and present them as exclusive deals. Again, make a practice of only giving your cash to the legit, official vendor.

Adaware Pros

Can be used alongside other antivirus products

Unlike most antivirus solutions that conflict together, Adaware doesn’t are having issues with working alongside similar software. You won’t need certainly to uninstall your existing antivirus and may use Ad-Aware scans to ensure that the body is without any threats. To elaborate: Kaspersky, Avira, Avast, Norton, and other leading products have an amazing negative effect on performance unless they’re the only real antivirus software on your computer.

It’s usually the cloud-based tools that most of the processing in cloud computing could easily co-exist with an increase of “traditional” programs. This makes Adaware an original product, and we suggest using this feature. Whilst it mightn’t be as reliable as the leaders (read more about this in the Cons), it it’s still recommended to utilize its potential to the fullest.

Comes with a friendly, easy-to-use interface

To find out about the download-installation procedure, check the “How To Install” section. Here, we shall give attention to the Ad-Aware interface which will be a very friendly and easy task to navigate. On the key dashboard, you will discover most of the options and settings, and most of the functions are situated on the left-hand side, of the menu. However, most of this software has features that are not available with Ad-Aware Free.

You won’t have the ability to access the advanced stuff and soon you upgrade to Pro or Total. Alternatively, we suggest giving Companion Web an opportunity and using all the equipment which comes alongside it. The worst part about the free edition – it constantly reminds you that you will be not using the premium packages. That doesn’t happen normally with Kaspersky, Bitdefender, as well as Avast.

We listed all other functions in the “Additional Features” section further down the review. This can help you to comprehend exactly just what a commercial subscription is offering and whether you wish to purchase it or not. Whatever the Ad-Aware edition you decide on, navigation is likely to be equally comfortable and easy.

Low-impact system, works with old computers

Are you aware that the minimum system requirements to perform Ad-Aware, you will be needing around 2GB of hard disk drive space (which is significantly more than the average)? The processor should be at least 1.6 MHz strong; Low RAM requirements: only 1GB. In comparison to rival products, this software is on par with the smallest amount of demanding programs.

It is essential to see that it fully supports Windows 7 (and higher), therefore you don’t need certainly to upgrade to Windows 10 to utilize it. At once, there are lots of free antiviruses available on the market that work even on Windows XP. Because case, Ad-Aware isn’t the best option (especially for servers running on older systems). Official support of XP and Vista ended by the end of 2016.

However, you will have a way to put it to use on hardware that has existed for over 10 years and is a big pro. Moreover, you can switch between two modes: high and low. As the name suggests, height could have a far more significant negative effect on performance, but, it won’t take long to scan the computer. In low mode, Ad-Aware will need fewer resources to perform; however, the scan will need more than usual.

Fast, easy-to-set-up scan

These are scans, an entire check of the device takes significantly less than an hour. Furthermore, a fresh scan will need +/- 15 minutes to complete. Quick scans will also be available, and they just have the most important and vulnerable areas of the system. Finally, users can set up their very own, manual scan, and Adaware will scan hand-selected files, folders, and applications.

USB and Registry Startup scans aren’t available with this particular antivirus. The good thing is – you can schedule a check and “tell” Ad-Aware exactly once the scan should start and what drives/files/folders it will check. You can also set these scheduled scans to perform frequently, say, every Friday or Saturday.

Adaware Because…

Lab test results are not impressive

The leaders in third-party testing didn’t include Adaware in their 2018-2019 tests, and we simply have resulted from 2017. While a couple of years is quite a long time for antiviruses, the outcome will still help to know how the product performs in real life. In November 2017, it blocked 95.4% of the malicious files in the AV-Comparatives tests. 8 weeks earlier, in September, the detection-elimination rate was 100%.

For AV-Test, the final time they ran Adaware through some tests was in 2013. With a 100% elimination rate of known malware and a 97% lead to the zero-day malware test, it performed relatively decently. It is essential: while 95.4% and 97% might appear like good scores for your requirements, they’re not. The leading antiviruses always can block 100% of malicious threats and even 0.1% matters.

Inside our tests, Adaware performed much worse: it blocked only 70% of our malicious samples and reacted only once we tried to copy them. For the malicious URL tests, we used the Pro edition, as Adaware free doesn’t include protection against phishing (or ransomware). Overall, 65% of the threats were eliminated, which, again, is just an inadequate result. Summing up, antivirus protection is certainly one of this software’s weakest sides.

Comes with a limited set of configuration options

It’s particularly so for Ad-Aware Free: Pro and Total are far more configurable, but much less versatile than a number of the rivals. If you’re a typical user and are seeking essential protection, Ad-Aware may well be more than enough. However, for a heightened user, the possible lack of multiple custom scans would have been a bit disappointing (for example, Avast Free is a great pick for that).

The device settings will also be quite “modest” and miss several options that people are likely to see there. The team’s focus was to generate an antivirus that’s user-friendly and doesn’t intimidate potential clients with lots of features and settings. Still, it’s possible to turn fully off notifications, reset the settings to default, and even put in a PIN so that others can’t change the settings.

Not compatible with macOS or mobile devices

Of all of the cons, this would be the biggest for Mac OS fans. While Mac computers aren’t nearly as susceptible to malicious threats as people running on Windows, it doesn’t matter they don’t need any protection. Therefore, it’s not strange to see support outside of this platform. Cellular devices aren’t supported either, which further narrows the circle of potential clients.

We’re unsure why the developers decided to show Ad-Aware right into a Windows-exclusive product, but it’s what it is. To place things in perspective for you, many free editions of popular antivirus products will also be only appropriate for Microsoft OS. However, the paid versions, even the entry-level plans, more often than not support Mac, iOS, and Android.

True, mobile products are much more dangerous than Macs, but ransomware, phishing, keylogging, spyware, and other modern-day threats still exist. So, before committing to Adaware, it could be wise to check out other available choices, like the free editions of Avast, and Bitdefender, to mention a few. Mac, Android, and iOS fully support this product.

The free version is a bit limited

Basic real-time antivirus and download protection – that’s virtually all that the free edition is. Stops viruses, spyware, and even ransomware; plus, every downloaded file/folder will undoubtedly be thoroughly scanned before it may hurt the system. The word “real-time” means that antivirus works 24/7 and constantly checks for suspicious activity.
You won’t get a free VPN just as in Kaspersky, an expansion just as in Avast, or ten free extra tools just as in Avira. Once we said, don’t forget to test this free version – odds are, you’ll never wish to return to Ad-Aware after that.

24/7 Customer Support is available for paying customers only

Unfortunately, it’s an undeniable fact: if you’ve been hoping to obtain 24/7 professional support, you’re in luck. As the state website states, unlimited technical and 24/7 customer care is just available with Pro and Total. With nevertheless, free users do access FAQs and knowledge. Additionally, they could utilize the ticket system to get hold of agent support; it’s that paying customers will be a priority.

On the Support page, you may also look for a forum, product manuals, and separate sections for antivirus and AdBlock. You can also upload suspicious files to their website so that technicians can check whether they’re malware or not. Overall, support is decent, but the truth that free users won’t get 24/7 support is just a bit odd.

Adaware Additional Features

We already discussed the free version and the listing of features/tools that can come alongside it. In this section, we’ll speak about all the extra capabilities of Ad-Aware Pro And Total, the paid editions. The list is fairly impressive and includes not just web protection and safe banking/shopping, but additionally 24/7 support. Let’s have a quick look at all the fundamental extras:

Web Protection

That is Ad-Aware’s phishing protection module: whenever you’re about to go to a suspicious website, a notice message pops up. Based on the officials, Web Protection continually updates its database such that it can protect an individual against all the newest phishing websites and malicious links.

Email Protection

As the name suggests, Email Protection scans most emails (including outgoing and incoming) to make certain you can find no malicious attachments. If you’re regularly using Outlook (by Microsoft) and are accustomed to storing emails using the pc, this module will undoubtedly be of great help. Additionally, spam messages are likewise blocked.

Network Protection

Here we have an Ad-Aware firewall, which serves to be an additional layer of defense. It scans all connection ports 24/7 and immediately closes those that could be utilized to infiltrate the network. There’s also a stealth mode available: with it activated, your personal computer can be “invisible” all on your home network.

AdAware Adblock

Nobody likes it when ads take 50% of the browser screen and decelerate the Internet. Ad-trackers and “technical scams” can be quite frustrating for regular users. AdAware’s Adblock is just a lightweight, easy-to-use, and effective solution against these threats. Blocking ads is its only function, and it will a significant job of this as an expansion for Google’s Chrome.

Sadly, this is the only browser that Adblock is compatible with. On the bright side, it successfully blocks ads, ad trackers, and scammers, along with ad videos on regular websites and Facebook. Last, but not least, it uses the business’s cloud-scanning technology to cope with emerging ad trackers.

Safe Banking and Shopping

Keylogging is one of the very most dangerous threats of our time. Hackers put it to use to copy logins and passwords and access sensitive data, bank accounts, and more. With this particular tool, you may be certain that no cybercriminal will have the ability to acquire your credentials.

Limited Technical Support

As previously mentioned in the cons, you won’t get 24/7 customer care with Adaware Free. However, if you buy among the subscription packages, that will provide you with unlimited usage of the company’s agent support.

Digital Key (only available with Ad-Aware Total)

This tool provides military-grade encryption that could protect sensitive files from cybercriminals. These may be personal files, company data that you don’t want any 3rd party to own eyes on, banking accounts, etc. Digital Lock is user-friendly and practically unbreakable.

File Shredder (only available with Ad-Aware Total)

When you have some sensitive files on your hard disk drive that must be permanently deleted, File Shredder will undoubtedly be ideal for the task. Whenever you delete files/folders using standard Windows features, they could be recovered later with the best tool. But that won’t be possible when File Shredder is used.

Parental Control (only available With Ad-Aware Total)

These tools are specifically made to simply help parents control their children’s online activity. Utilize them to block specific sites, monitor which sites your young ones visit frequently, and more. In comparison to rival products, Ad-Aware’s parental control features can be alright.

Our verdict

That’s it for the Ad-Aware review: we went over most of the important facets of this antivirus, and it’s time for the verdict. Unfortunately, in comparison to other products, it’s much less capable or feature-packed, and that’s true for the free and paid editions. You won’t get the same degree of protection much like Kaspersky, Bitdefender, and other world-class software.
Also, Adaware is just appropriate for Windows OS (starting with Win 7), 24/7 support is specially provided for premium users, and the free version is too limited. On the bright side, you’ll obtain a user-friendly interface, a low-impact system, and an application that could work alongside other antivirus products. However, we don’t recommend Ad-Aware, because it has advantages that greatly outweigh the cons. Objectively, it’s a poor antivirus and lags behind the leaders

Ad Aware Descargar Latest Version

In closing, Adaware Antivirus is an exclusive antivirus because it doesn’t just integrate with other antiviruses. The number of people who prefer to use this application to protect themselves from the threat of cybercrime is certainly not without reason. If someone is satisfied with your chosen antivirus, you can uninstall the antivirus or try running it with Adaware Antivirus. Adware Antivirus Free is a questionnaire to determine that you need a completely free antivirus. Download the modern and free Adaware Antivirus via the hyperlink below:

You can follow the steps below How to Download Antivirus
1. Download FREE antivirus and malware protection. Tune-up your PC. Mac and Android devices for peak performance. Surf safely and privately. wherever you are.With “Ad-Aware Descargar Latest Version”

2. Free Forever – Fast & Easy PC Virus Protection.”Ad-Aware Descargar Latest Version” Download Antivirus Now! in “DOWNLOAD” Tab.

3. Antivirus Is a Protective Software From Viruses Located on the Computer. Anti Virus is a Drug or a Protective Shield so That PC Computer. Mac. Your Android. is Protected From Viruses That Cause Diseased Computers



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Note: Secure your PC with trusted antivirus protection on your Windows, Linux, Smartphone, and Mac, Free and Safe Forever. “Ad-Aware Descargar Latest Version” provides comprehensive, ongoing, and real-time protection against software threats such as viruses, malware, and spyware across email, applications, cloud, and the web.

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