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Download McAfee for Windows 11.10.8 and 7 (32 bit and 64 bit) Instantly & Defend Against The Latest Virus, Malware, And Spyware Attacks. Secure Your Devices, Privacy, and Identity. Download McAfee Instantly With Our Best Offer.

Mcafee Antivirus Download Offline Installer (2024 Latest) for Windows 11.10.8 and 7

Mcafee Antivirus Download Offline Installer
Mcafee Antivirus Download Offline Installer

Mcafee Antivirus Download Offline Installer (2024 Latest) – McAfee was a major player in the 90s. but after getting bad reviews and providing bad service for years. we have to find out if they are back on track. Which surprised me. McAfee has become an excellent antivirus and security tool that protects all of your devices and computers with a single license. The company includes malware protection. network security. as well as even online website advisors who maintain your security while browsing the internet. You can even improve the performance of your PC thanks to outstanding company optimization tools.

As one of the oldest and most well-known names in the field of cyber security. McAfee has experienced many ups and downs. Recently. the company provides powerful antivirus that protects you online and keeps spyware and adware away from your computer and other devices. Other than that. McAfee has powerful features that keep you safe online. including web security. social media protection. anti-spam. as well as even parental control. I am happy because McAfee gets high marks in tests conducted by major testing laboratories such as VirusBulletin. AV-Comparatives. and AV-Test. Thanks to sophisticated tools and excellent protection. McAfee is great if you are looking for affordable online security.

McAfee Antivirus pros and cons


  • User-friendly
  • Inexpensive multi-user selection
  • Great customer care
  • VPN
  • Password manager
  • Encrypted storage


  • less iOS version
  • The boost app is okay
  • Confusing pricing plans

McAfee security features

Together with the greatest antivirus offerings, McAfee includes a sophisticated suite of security features. From constantly protecting your personal computer from ransomware, crypto jacking, and malware, to offering you other functions to accelerate your online browsing and protect your documents, data, and passwords. To put it simply, it’s everything required to make a safe and smooth internet experience.

But what precisely are these McAfee security features? Let’s break it down.

McAfee scan

McAfee offers three forms of scans. You can check one’s body with Quick or Full scan and select specific folders and files for inspection. The quick scan option is believed to take between 5 to 10 minutes. while detailed one – approximately 30 minutes. We’ve tested this antivirus ourselves to check on its promises.

We have  planted 10 malicious files using  a 3.99 4 GHz CPU with 8 GB RAM  to check both scanning options and listed here is the outcome:

  • quick scan. McAfee scanned nearly 7000 files in about 6 minutes and 20 seconds and found 0 malware out of 10 planted. CPU load is just about 28% with some 80% spikes.
  • Full scan. A check of nearly 210000 files took 22 minutes and McAfee found 8 out of 10 to be infiltrated by viruses. The CPU load is just about 90-100% during all the processing time.

What’s also worth mentioning is that McAfee also supplies a Vulnerability Scanner. It seems out for security patching facilities and lets you understand if you want updates to lessen the chance of potential cyberattacks.

In general, McAfee Scan provided decent performance during our tests. It’s great that the full-time duration estimates are accurate but we’d suggest always choosing the Full scan. Because malware can hide in unexpected places on one’s body, it’s important to check on as numerous files as you can to get it.


McAfee firewall operates as a safety wall that filters processes that seem like malware and block the use of devices. Generally speaking, it is made to identify viruses before they enter the machine to avoid cyberattacks more efficiently.

In our opinion, the McAfee firewall is highly functional because it lets you do the:

  • Open certain ports so a site from another device could access your system.
  • Block or allow specific Online connections and IP addresses.
  • Hide the PC from others utilizing the Stealth mode.
  • Easily disable Web connection on the unit with the Lockdown feature.
  • Utilize the Net Guard feature to see who tried for connecting to your device and whether you intend to trust them.

Also, we’ve tested the usability of the firewall. It is a truly user-friendly solution as it is simple to navigate through the interface to get and use all of its functions. Everything is carefully put underneath the corresponding tabs for convenience.

Ransomware protection

Ransom Guard, McAfee’s ransomware protection offering, supplies a sophisticated layer of real-time protection without intruding on your online experience. Our favorite thing about McAfee’s Ransom Guard is how unobtrusive it’s while you’re online. You might never know it’s there until you go searching for it or when you have a protection issue.

The moment there is  File Contents Transformation, which will be McAfee’s fancy method of describing attempts to encrypt your files, it is going to be as much as your security. It may also create copy-protected endangered files, so you may be sure you won’t lose your data.

McAfee Ransom Guard will continue steadily to monitor threats. And when it persists, it’ll quarantine the situation and restore your files from the backup.


McAfee  QuickClean is just a handy little feature that can help you pick up your personal computer to boost security and speed. It scans your personal computer for cookies and temporary files, which could consume valuable space on your desktop, and provides hackers with details about you.

Once QuickClean has found tracking cookies and junk files that one could do without, it offers you a written report, helping you discover simply how much space you can get. There’s a choice to see everything QuickClean has explored. Or you can take the easy way and continue cleaning with only one click of a button.

File Shredder

McAfee Shredder tool is certainly one of the most popular features. Usually, it’s safe to remove files that aren’t as simple as pressing  Delete. It will simply go as far as the Recycle Bin, which will be still accessible to anybody who can get their hands on the machine. And even though you bypass or empty the Recycle Bin, deleted data will still stick to the disk, meaning it could be recovered. But with the McAfee Shredder feature, you possibly can make sure that the files are gone for good. It functions by overwriting documents multiple times before being deleted.

You will find three quantities of shredding security available here:

  • Basic overwrites the file twice before deletion
  • Safe overwrites the file five times before deletion
  • Complete overwriting the file ten times before deletion.

To produce life easier, you can shred your whole Recycle Bin or Temporary Internet Files in one single go.

McAfee WebAdvisor

The moment you’ve downloaded McAfee, you ought to find McAfee’s browser extension automatically installed. This extension, named McAfee’s WebAdvisor, provides you with comfortable access to McAfee’s suite of security features.

Within our McAfee WebAdvisor review, we found that it protects you from malware and phishing attempts while you’re online without hindering your browser’s performance. Again, that is another feature that keeps you safe without intruding on your web experience, unless there exists a problem.

McAfee’s password manager: True Key

McAfee’s password manager, True Key, is one of many better-known password managers out there. And with good reason. It allows you to manage your passwords while also keeping them safe and secure.

True Key uses  AES-256, one of many strongest encryption algorithms on the market, to ensure there is no one to break into your login. Only you will have the ability to decrypt your password.

The app also offers multi-factor authentication to secure your account even more. You will need to verify at least two factors one of which is just logging in. And you can also add more factors if you like more security.

Listed here is everything McAfee True Key password manager is offering:

  • Login  – keeps all of your credentials in one single safe place.
  • Secure notes  – jot down sensitive information in secure notes.
  • Wallet  – keeps charge card details protected and quickly accessed.
  • Export data  – easily retrieve personal information when needed.
  • Import passwords  – get passwords from LastPass, Dashlane, Chrome, and other browsers.

McAfee Speed ​​Up

This service offers speed improvements for web browsing and the applications:

McAfee Web Boost

McAfee Web Increases your browsing speed by preventing auto-play videos from launching. It will do this by overlaying a movie message that says,  Stopped by McAfee Web Boost  ;

While testing, we found it worked very well and it helped some websites load faster. However, while this feature is minor, it’s unlikely to radically change the speed of one’s browser.

Also, bear in mind this only works on Google Chrome, so it’s no better if this is simply not your browser of choice.

McAfee Improves Apps

McAfee runs the PC Boost feature in the backdrop to be able to divert resources to applications that require them. That is meant to cut load times. McAfee lab results show this makes load times  6%  faster  ;

Inside our tests, we didn’t notice any real difference in speed. But we think McAfee reports that it has improved app performance by  8%  ;


McAfee VPN is another useful feature that may help you secure your online activities and stay anonymous when browsing. Set alongside the leading VPN services such as NordVPN or Surfshark, this gives a significant security and privacy base.

When it comes to features, this is what McAfee VPN includes:

  • Kill switch  – stops Internet traffic if the VPN connection drops to stop data leaks.
  • Auto-connect option  – you can elect to automatically enable VPN connection on insecure or wifi-only networks, in addition to on all networks.
  • Trusted Networks  – specify trusted networks to exclude from the VPN connection.

Identity theft coverage & recovery

McAfee tries to make sure that your data isn’t compromised by offering various services for identity protection: password manager, VPN, file shredder, etc. You can view the Print Protection of one’s device based on how many security tools you use.

You can even utilize the Personal Data Cleanup tool – complete your details and McAfee will monitor data brokers and analytics if any one of them compromises your privacy. There’s also a choice to supply your email; they need to check the Dark Web for leaked information.

What’s worth mentioning is that McAfee offers $1 million ID theft coverage just in case important computer data has been compromised. However, you need to check the Terms of Use whether this choice comes in your region.

Overall, McAfee’s identity theft coverage, restoration, and protection are a full package of features that add yet another layer of security to your private data. Yet, you must use most of the available features to take advantage of the offering.

McAfee plans and pricing

McAfee offers various payment plans based on how many devices you intend to protect. Unfortunately, there’s no free version for desktops, although there’s a simple free app version for Android and iOS.

Pro tip

And if you’re unsure if you intend to join McAfee, you can test-run McAfee’s Total Protection intend on a free-of-charge 30-day trial. You do not have to set up any card details. By the end of the 30 days, you’ll simply lose the use of the app if you don’t pay to help keep it.

McAfee’s two security packages, Total Protection and LiveSafe, confusingly look pretty similar. McAfee’s website doesn’t formulate the differences between them. So it’s not that simple to create the best decision about which to go for. Luckily, we’ve done a heavy dive to learn the difference between McAfee Total Protection and McAfee LiveSafe to assist you to decide what type is right for you.

Single DeviceVPN, tune up, network security, customer support, password manager, shredder, encypted storage$79.99
Multiple Devicessame as Single Device, and 5 device support with identity theft protection$54.99
Family Coveragesame as Single Device, and Individual, plus 10 device support$49.99
LiveSafesame as Single Device, Individual, and Family with unlimited devices support$34.99

McAfee Total Protection

McAfee Total Protection offers three different plans based on the number of devices you will need:

  • Single Device supports one device for $84.99 for the very first year
  • Individuals support around five devices for $49.99 for the very first year
  • Family supports around 10 devices for $54.99 for the very first year

Nowadays, when the majority of us use multiple devices, the Single Device plan doesn’t seem all that useful. But when you’ve already got security included in your phone or you only want antivirus protection for a PC, this plan of action could be sufficient for you.

However, if you’re like us and want to help keep important computer data secure across multiple devices or you wish to protect all the family from cyber threats, you’ll probably need certainly to stump up the money for the Individual or Family plan.

It’s worth bearing at heart that the values mentioned previously are introductory offers and therefore only work for your first year’s subscription. From then on, your subscription will renew automatically and the cost will probably go up. However, you may well be in a position to negotiate a much better renewal offer or cancel your subscription and rejoin as a fresh customer to maximize any special offers.

The Total Security plan is very useful, since the LiveSafe plan costs the same, includes the same features, and offers limited protection for devices.

Having said that, if you opt for the McAfee auto-renewal scheme, you will undoubtedly be passing up on some exclusive benefits. This includes  VPN  and  Virus Protection Promise, which means supplying a refund if you receive a disease McAfee can’t remove.

McAfee LiveSafe service

Just to create things more confusing, McAfee LiveSafe costs just like the McAfee Total Protection Family plan. So that’s  $39.99 for the very first year. And, at first glance at the least, they appear to boast identical sets of security features.

The most crucial difference between McAfee Total Protection and McAfee LiveSafe is the number of devices you should use them on. The McAfee LiveSafe service offers protection across an unlimited amount of devices. So instead to be limited by no more than ten with the most affordable Total Protection plan, you should use your account to download McAfee software on as many devices as you want.

How to install McAfee

  1. Head to the McAfee antivirus website and select a plan. Each subscription includes a 100% money-back guarantee if the antivirus cannot eliminate the virus.
  2. Buy a subscription. Create an account and proceed with the payment process.
  3. Download the McAfee app. Click ‘Downloads & devices on the dashboard and download the app beneath the ‘Protect all of your device’s section.
  4. Complete the installation. Launch the downloaded McAfee file and click the ‘Install button.
  5. Get started. After the installation is complete, click the ‘Begin’button and we recommend enabling real-time protection, the firewall, and the VPN services to secure your device instantly.
  6. Familiarize yourself with the app. Navigating through the key dashboard is simple to get other useful features and tools.

Ease of use

We tested McAfee’s antivirus software on Windows and it was easy setting up. However, I first tried to download it on my Mac and it developed a mistake message, informing me that McAfee’s free trial offer wasn’t compatible with Mac. So if you’re following a free sample of McAfee’s antivirus offering, Windows is how you can go.

The application downloaded quickly and automatically installed the app and browser extension without me needing to click anything.

McAfee desktop app

After creating the essential functions it’s easy enough to get into the app. Your home screen includes Score Protection, Private Data Cleanup, Antivirus, Secure VPN, ID Protection, and Tracker Remover features. You can see whether a specific feature is enabled/disabled by the green “On” red and “Off” icons. All McAfee features could be accessed via the button with four bubbles on the left side of the screen.

Here, the features are allocated beneath the appropriate section:

  • Protect your PC:  Real-Time Scanning, Scheduled Scans, Quarantined Items, Firewalls, Secure Apps, and Boost Apps
  • Protect yourself online:  Secure VPN, Browser Security, Web Boost, and Tracker Remover
  • Protect your identity:  ID Protection, Password Manager, and File Shredder
  • Protect your privacy:  features a Private Data Cleanup tool
  • Security:  shows History of Security

We recommend going right through these settings so you may make sure they work how you want. We discovered while we were digging around the iconic tooth, a scheduled scan was scheduled to take place at 4 am. As I usually shut my laptop off before I go to sleep, this is of little use to me.

A bit about that, had I not gone searching for these records, I could not have known I’d virus scans scheduled on these, aside from those they certainly were since they happened at inhospitable hours. There are no warnings or notifications to tell you this will probably happen.

So while McAfee was quick and easy to create, it’s not the absolute most easy to use antivirus software we’ve tested and you’ll probably need certainly to experiment with it for some time before you receive it working how you want.

McAfee mobile app

McAfee mobile apps for Android and iOS provide really fast, simple virus protection for the phone. We tested the mobile app on Android and it includes a really clean, easy-to-use interface.

The next is a set of features on mobile phones:

  • Malware scan  – checks your phone for malicious apps and viruses.
  • Memory Booster  – cleans up duplicates and junk files to boost memory space.
  • Wi-Fi Guard  – warns when attached to a protected network.
  • App Lock  – allows restricting the use of certain apps of one’s choice.
  • Anti-Theft  – helps protect data if your phone is ever stolen.
  • Safe web  – blocks dangerous sites and links to avoid malware attacks.

Additionally, it’s worth mentioning that there’s a free-of-charge McAfee antivirus version for both Android and iPhone devices. This lets you perform malware scans and enjoy several features, such as Memory Booster and Anti-Theft technology.

McAfee customer support

As you could expect, once you visit the Customer Support portion of the internet site, there are plenty of useful guides and answers to frequently asked questions to assist you to solve your condition with no hassle of a person in the McAfee support team.

Needless to say, this is annoying when you have a pressing problem with your antivirus software and wish to speak to real people. For many everyday matters, you’re possible to get that which you are seeking with this page.

However, I think it is very annoying that for a qualified audience with a customer care agent, you will need to complete an application with personal data. Including your first and last name, telephone number, email, and verification of one’s email and problem description. Even whenever your requests proceed through, you will find out that they cannot fulfill a number of the requests since they need to be made within the phone. If you would like to get a reimbursement and wish to accomplish it via chat, you won’t have the ability to take action  ;

Can you get in touch with McAfee customer service?

If you want to talk with someone, more dedicated help is available. When you click through several pages of initial questions about the character of your condition, you will undoubtedly be redirected to a typical page that offers you the possibility to make contact with our McAfee customer support advisors via live chat. This can be a service available  24/7  ;

Inside our tests, we found that people got through reps within seconds, although this could take longer, especially during busy periods. When live chat experiences a top level of requests, there would have been a banner within the McAfee support page warning the consumer you may anticipate longer wait times.

There’s also a McAfee Community forum that provides help and suggestions about a wide selection of topics. This forum is very active too. Just ask a concern and it’ll most likely be answered fairly quickly.

And for more basic problems, you can use  McAfee Virtual Assistant to diagnose and fix technical problems. It’s not the absolute most advanced tool on earth, however, it can help you solve simple problems.

Or, if you should be far from your personal computer, you can pay to use  Techmaster, which may solve the situation without you having to accomplish much.

And if you want to speak to someone, you will find a telephone number buried deep in the Contact Us portion of the McAfee website.

McAfee Antivirus review video screenshot

Final verdict

McAfee offers one of the most comprehensive online security suites we’ve tested, with a complete host of useful features for maintaining your device safe from viruses. We love the Shredder tool and the WebAdvisor browser extension.

While you will find cheaper online antiviruses on the market, you get a lot for your cash with McAfee, including using McAfee secure VPN, True Key password manager, and encrypted storage.

We were impressed by the efficient way it gives online protection without hindering your online speed or online browsing experience.

But McAfee isn’t without its faults: the website, apps, and pricing plans are typically only a little confusing and disorganized, and the Enhance/Enhance Web Apps features may be underwhelming.

However, if you’re searching for antivirus software to safeguard all of your devices at a fair price, you can’t go far wrong with McAfee antivirus.


Here, we’ll answer some questions about McAfee antivirus software.

Is McAfee a good antivirus program?

Yes. McAfee antivirus is good and worth the investment. It provides a comprehensive security suite that protects your personal computer from malware and other online threats. It certainly is effective on Windows, Android, Mac, and iOS and the McAfee LiveSafe plan works on an unlimited quantity of personal devices. McAfee security software can be acquired as a website application, mobile application, and browser extension.

What’s the difference between McAfee Livesafe and Total Protection?

The key difference between McAfee Total Protection and McAfee LiveSafe is that you need to use the McAfee LiveSafe service plan on an unlimited quantity of personal devices. This is the sole difference between the 2 plans. You’ll find all the same security features on both. McAfee LiveSafe plan costs $39.99 for the initial year which is exactly like the absolute most expensive Total Protection plan.

Is Norton Antivirus good from McAfee?

Yes. While both offer antivirus protection, Norton offers better speed, security, and overall performance. It’s more security features than McAfee and it’s far better at protecting against malware and other online threats. However, McAfee’s plans are slightly cheaper. And more to the point, McAfee LiveSafe plans may be used restricted to personal devices, whereas even Norton 360 Premium plans remain restricted to no more than 10 devices. To learn more, see the McAfee vs Norton comparison.

How to claim a McAfee subscription for a refund?

After purchase, within 30 days, you can receive a full refund for the subscription. However, you won’t manage to try this via live chat. You may have to phone customer care and confirm your decision. So, ensure that you’re sure about any of its services when you commit.

Video Review

One thing that crossed my mind when I first opened McAfee was how well this process was designed. You can manage various aspects of the subscription by clicking on the bill at the top of the screen or changing settings by clicking on the icon at the top right. If not. the main screen is mostly allocated to provide information about the latest scan and position protection. You can schedule various scans, although I want single registers and directories to be examined more specifically. The iOS version of McAfee also has a simple interface that makes it easy for you to handle the security tasks it offers. Overall. The Android version is also easy to use. If you are looking for a solution that is simple and easy to use. McAfee is an excellent choice

Any data shredder is not hard yet powerful, enabling you to strongly thoroughly clean the content pieces of this Easily sell Rubbish bin, short-lived internet archives, and/or no matter what archives you’ll specify. Routinely many are overwritten soon after, yet you may develop which will security measures in cases where you’ll prefer. A smart network aspect displays an atlas from associated pcs in addition to devices. You’ll find gain hyperlinks regarding the necessary paperwork to assist you to preserve PCs, Apples, iOS, and/or Android systems, in addition, to checking out, in addition, to regulate this system usually they are installed. McAfee has equally iOS and Android portable applications, but they provide different function sets. The iOS application is incredibly basic, providing you easy copy, encryption, and unit checking, but no antivirus. The current variation has an unsatisfactory 2.5-star score on the iTunes store. Meanwhile, the 4.4-star scored Android application is crammed with functions, including antivirus, URL preventing, application securing, clean-up methods, antitheft, rural lock and wash rural administration, and more. If there is an issue it’s as you can acquire and utilize it free of charge anyhow – the only real differences in the compensated variation are phone support, press upload support, and no ads.

File NameLink
McAfee Total Protection Download
McAfee Security Scan PlusDownload
McAfee Labs StingerDownload

How To Install Mcafee Antivirus (2024 Latest) In Windows

1. Download the Latest Antivirus you need in the “Download” Tab.
2. If requested. Click Run or Save.
3. If you choose Save. Double click download to start installing.
4. Start Antivirus:
– Windows 7: The Antivirus window opens after everything is finished.
– Windows 8, 8.1: A welcome dialog appears. Click Next to choose your default browser.
– Windows 10: The Antivirus window opens after everything is finished.
You can make Antivirus your default browser. If you use another browser.
like Internet Explorer or Safari.

How To Install Mcafee Antivirus (2024 Latest) On Mac Os

1. Download the Latest Antivirus you need in the “Download” Tab.
2. Wait for the File Home Installer to finish downloading
3. Open the file called ‘McAfeeTotalProtection.dmg’.
4. In the window that opens. find Antivirus Antivirus. A new window will pop up. Choose Security, then click This device to install “Mcafee Antivirus” on your current Mac.
5. Double-click on the “Mcafee Antivirus” Installer. app to start the installation.
6. On the installation window, click Continue.
7. When a security prompt appears, click on Open.
8. Follow the instructions to complete the installation.
-You may be asked to enter your administrator account password. for your Mac and click OK.
9. Wait for the installation to finish. This may take a few minutes.
10. You will see the Installation was a successful message once the installation is completed. Click Close to exit.

How To Install Avast Antivirus Security (2024 Latest) In Mobile Phone

1. Download the Latest Antivirus you need in the “Download” Tab.
2. Tap Install.
3. Tap Accept.
4. To start exploring. open the Home page or All Applications. Tap the Antivirus application

Note: Secure your PC with trusted antivirus protection on your Windows, Linux, Smartphone, and Mac, Free and Safe Forever. “Mcafee Antivirus Download Offline Installer” provides comprehensive, ongoing, and real-time protection against software threats such as viruses, malware, and spyware across email, applications, the cloud, and the web. We only provide a free version. “Mcafee Antivirus Download Offline Installer (2024 Latest)” Pro Version Also Available You can buy it on the official website (WEB)

This is an article about “Mcafee Antivirus Download Offline Installer (2024 Latest)“. Thank you for visiting.



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