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Smadav Free Antivirus Latest Version – Smadav is an antivirus pc computer software inclined to overcoming answers of regional and worldwide computer viruses which are spreading in Indonesia, that antivirus includes a free and compensated release subsequent previously being in the proper execution of charity computer computer software, faculties given by that antivirus contain Smad-Lock and SmaRTP, Smad -Lock is just a directory that delivers to attached documents in the data storage instrument from virus signs, while SmaRTP operates to steer clear of the efficiency of virus documents from data storage methods,

Smadav is just a domestic-made antivirus that is dedicated to working and washing computer viruses which are spreading in Indonesia, that anti virus is amazingly suitable for regional computer people as shown by their quantity to acknowledge nearly 90% of viruses in Indonesia,

Smadav Free Antivirus Latest Version Review

The name Smada is made from the abbreviation of the name of the institution that made it, especially 2 state aged university Palangkaraya, Crucial Kalimantan, while AV is an abbreviation of antivirus, Smadav was created by Zainuddin Nafarin in 2006 while but a form XI scholar at SMA Negeri 2 Palangka Raya, Crucial Kalimantan, due to his release to the Clear Essential development language in his school’s computer laboratory, Smadav Progress was postponed subsequently of his powerful academic residing till 2008 when he began understanding at Gadjah Mada School, Yogyakarta,

Smadav Free Antivirus Latest Version

Smadav Free Antivirus Latest Version is a genuine Antivirus made in Indonesia to clean and protect Laptops and pcs from regional and global viruses. For the present time this request is the better Smadav Free Antivirus Latest Version – Regional Antivirus. Solution and instruments to clean virus It can clean some virus that presently contaminated your PC and also fix the registry modify created by the virus. Many instruments included in Smadav Free Antivirus Latest Version Pro to battle for virus cleaning. The equipment are ,One-Virus By-User, to manually add your believe declare virus cleaning in the PC, Process Manager, to handle processes and programs work in your PC, Program manager, to alter some process alternatives that usually changed by virus, Win-Force, to power start some process management programs in Windows, Smad-Lock, to immunize your push from some virus illness, USB display pushes are the key source for distributing fatal infections and potential threats to computer. Whenever we join USB pushes into PC which immediately spread infections to computers. Smadav Free Antivirus Latest Version Typically it does not necessary to update virus database. It usually revisions after a month.

Latest: Smadav Antivirus 2021 Rev 14.6 for Windows
Categories: Smadav
Languages: Multi languages
License: Free
Requirements: Windows 11. Windows 10. Windows 8.1. Windows 8. Windows 7. Windows Vista. Windows XP. Windows 2012.Windows 98.Windows 2000.
Use Rating:
5/5 - (5 votes)
Author/Product: Zainuddin Nafarin / Smadav Antivirus

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Smadav AntiVirus ProBUY

The latest version of Smadav Antivirus has several additions such as:

  • Features Addition of automatic virus upload feature and automatic virus removal on a USB flash drive,
  • There are fixes for failed installs on Windows XP, improvements to the Smadav startup feature and fixes error detection on some files / programs,
  • There is a change in the theme of the appearance of Smadav
  • Changes to the use of lighter CPU resources when protection is active,
  • Improved and the ability to detect and clean virus shortcuts (Bundpil),
  • Improved and virus detection capabilities on Flashdisk and adware viruses (adware)
  • With the new look of Smadav Free notifications on every computer startup
  • There are additional detection techniques for preventing ransomware (data locking viruses) and crypto-mining viruses (viruses that overload the CPU)
  • Added new / new features (USB Anti-Exe) to block unknown programs on USB Flashdisk,
  • Added feature Automatically restores hidden files on the flash,
  • Enhancements and protection of USB and browser and enhancements for use on Windows 10,
  • Support the latest security features when browsing the Internet, Cleanup Facebook Share, VBS-Houdini, BundpilAutoit,
  • There is an improved whitelist feature with a new database that lists safe applications,

How To Install Smadav Antivirus In Windows

1. Download the Latest Antivirus you need in the “Download” Tab.
2. If requested. click Run or Save.
3. If you choose Save. Double click download to start installing.
4. Start Antivirus:
– Windows 7: The Antivirus window opens after everything is finished.
– Windows 8, 8.1: A welcome dialog appears. Click Next to choose your default browser.
– Windows 10: The Antivirus window opens after everything is finished.
You can make Antivirus your default browser. If you use another browser.
like Internet Explorer or Safari.

Note: Secure your PC with trusted antivirus protection on your Windows, Linux, Smartphone and Mac, Free and Safe Forever. “Smadav Free Antivirus Latest Version” provides comprehensive, ongoing, and real-time protection against software threats such as viruses, malware and spyware across email, applications, cloud and the web. We only provide a free version. “Smadav Free Antivirus Latest Version” Pro Version Also Available You can buy it on the official website (Smadav)

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