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Smadav Offline Installer Latest Version

SmadAV (2024 Latest) is an antivirus made in Indonesia that is effective in protecting your computer from virus attacks both locally and internationally.

Here are the best antiviruses for 2024: Smadav Offline Installer Latest Version Excellent virus and malware protection

Smadav Offline Installer Latest Version
Smadav Offline Installer Latest Version

Smadav Offline Installer (2024 Latest) Version – Able to kill local viruses, although not as good as outside antivirus, but Smadav can eradicate many viruses, especially computer viruses that commonly attack computer users in Indonesia, can be combined with other antiviruses, if you are not sure about smadav antivirus or to cover up the shortcomings of this antivirus You can combine smadav with antiviruses like Avira, AVG and even Kaspersky because smadav is a minimal antivirus that won’t burden your PC, Flashdisk security is the Top, Although sometimes Mr., Iso is bothered with creating Smadlock and Autorun folders, inf this Smadav application does its job well because most computer viruses are transmitted more quickly via flash than the internet itself, suitable for Offline users,

Smadav doesn’t update too often and the update method is also easy, not updating often doesn’t mean that this antivirus is bad, but smadav in one update does give a lot of improvements, not only from the database but from the Smadav application system itself, Smadav Pro is cheap, Even though there are many pirated Smadav Pro keys on the internet, you should donate to buy smadav pro, besides giving appreciation to the maker, you also don’t steal what the Smadav programmer has rights to, for donations, it’s easy and easy to buy another antivirus, with Smadav Pro You can get up to 10x the quality and service of Smadav free,

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Smadav Offline Installer Latest Version is a genuine Antivirus produced in Indonesia to completely clean and defend Notebooks and pcs from regional and international viruses. For the time being this application is the greatest Smadav Offline Installer Latest Version – Local Antivirus.


The key feature of the Smadav program is the capability to put it to use along with every other antivirus installed on the computer. In line with the developers, Smadav doesn’t cause this kind of phenomenon as a conflict of antiviruses, that will be the key reason for the impossibility of working within the same system of antivirus programs.

The reason is Smadav is no antivirus by itself, but an instrument for finding malware. However, this tool has some antivirus-specific features. Particularly, automatic scanning of files downloaded/copied to the computer, along with files found on external media linked to the PC, scanning of VBS, JS, Powershell, etc. scripts being executed and programs being launched.

Another key feature of Smadav is its low usage of computer resources. That is a result of the usage of cloud solutions in this system: if the detected file/script isn’t defined as either “safe” or “dangerous”, then the element of its code is delivered to a distant server, where it’s deeply scanned. However, Smadav has at its disposal a thorough database (over 320 thousand) of known virus and malware segments, that will be stored on the neighborhood computer and is continually updated (as may be the case with every other antivirus). This database can be used to detect viruses when this system is running in offline mode.


The free version of Smadav has only two active features:

  • Scans specified users of storage media, folders, or individual files to be able to detect malware. If the choice exists, Smadav “treats” infected files, otherwise, it isolates them (places them in quarantine).
  • Detection of entries/settings in the registry modified uniquely by known malware, along with displaying a set of hidden files and folders that aren’t linked to the machine (helps to detect viruses that replace files and folders).
  • Automatic scanning of external USB media linked to the computer.

The purpose of using Smadav is to supply additional protection for some types of computers for which an antivirus has already been installed. The developers themselves recommend employing their product in this capacity. The free version of Smadav can be quite a good addition to the same free antivirus with limited functionality.


Along with the functions in the above list, the PRO version provides tools such as:

  • Detection of ransomware (Ransomware) hiding in VBS scripts, JS, Powershell, and Microsoft Office macros.
  • Blocking the execution of automatically starting programs from USB drives.
  • Block usage of public files and printers (an option that can be fired up or off).
  • The built-in process manager enables you to receive information and forcibly stop programs in cases when it’s impossible to utilize the standard “Task Manager” because of its blocking as well as removal by viruses.
  • The capacity to edit some system settings which are usually modified by malware. As an example, from here you can unblock the “Task Manager” if it was blocked at the registry level, or unblock usage of various parameters of “Explorer”, which also “like” to block viruses.
  • The capacity to completely block usage of any volume (local disk) to avoid its infection.

Smadav is one of the very inexpensive malware detection ancillary tools. The expense of an annual license for just one computer is just $ 2.4 (the price at the time of writing the review).

Smadav Offline Installer (2024 Latest) Version

Cleaner and instruments to completely clean disease It can clear some diseases that currently contaminated your PC and also fix the registry modification created by the virus. Many instruments are contained in Smadav Offline Installer Latest Version Professional to battle disease cleaning. The tools are, One-Virus By-User, to personally add your belief declares disease washing in the PC, Process Supervisor, to handle operations and programs run in your PC, Process publisher, to change some program choices that are typically transformed by disease, Win-Force, to power open some program management programs in Windows, Smad-Lock, to immunize your drive from some disease contamination, USB thumb drives are the main source for spreading critical infections and potential computer threats. When we join USB drives into PC which instantly spread infections to computers. Smadav Offline Installer (2024 Latest) Version Usually it does not need to upgrade the disease database. It usually changes after a month.

The latest version of Smadav Antivirus (2024 Latest) has several additions such as:

  • Features Addition of automatic virus upload feature and automatic virus removal on a USB flash drive,
  • There are fixes for failed installs on Windows XP, improvements to the Smadav startup feature, and fixes error detection on some files/programs,
  • There is a change in the theme of the appearance of Smadav
  • Changes to the use of lighter CPU resources when protection is active,
  • Improved and the ability to detect and clean virus shortcuts (Bundpil),
  • Improved and virus detection capabilities on Flashdisk and adware viruses (adware)
  • With the new look of Smadav Free notifications on every computer startup
  • There are additional detection techniques for preventing ransomware (data locking viruses) and crypto-mining viruses (viruses that overload the CPU)
  • Added new/new features (USB Anti-Exe) to block unknown programs on USB Flashdisk,
  • Added feature Automatically restores hidden files on the flash,
  • Enhancements and protection of USB and browser and enhancements for use on Windows 10,
  • Support the latest security features when browsing the Internet, Cleanup Facebook Share, VBS-Houdini, BundpilAutoit,
  • There is an improved whitelist feature with a new database that lists safe applications,

How To Install Smadav Antivirus (2024 Latest) In Windows

1. Download the Latest Antivirus you need in the “Download” Tab.
2. If requested. click Run or Save.
3. If you choose Save. Double click download to start installing.
4. Start Antivirus:
– Windows 7: The Antivirus window opens after everything is finished.
– Windows 8, 8.1: A welcome dialog appears. Click Next to choose your default browser.
– Windows 10: The Antivirus window opens after everything is finished.
You can make Antivirus your default browser. If you use another browser.
like Internet Explorer or Safari.



Languages:,Multi languages


Requirements:,Windows 11. Windows 10. Windows 8.1. Windows 8. Windows 7. Windows Vista. Windows XP. Windows 2012.Windows 98.Windows 2000.

Author/Product:,Zainuddin Nafarin / Smadav Antivirus

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Note: Secure your PC with trusted antivirus protection on your Windows, Linux, Smartphone and Mac, Free and Safe Forever. “Smadav Offline Installer Latest Version” provides comprehensive, ongoing, and real-time protection against software threats such as viruses, malware, and spyware across email, applications, cloud, and the web. We only provide a free version. “Smadav Offline Installer Latest Version” Pro Version Also Available You can buy it on the official website (Smadav)

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Smadav Offline Installer Latest Version

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